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There are two meanings regarding the name of OASIS CLINIC. One is the location of healing against diseases, the other is the Road of Oasis(Silk Road) which played an important role for the interaction and development of oriental and occidental cultures. Through treatment performed with four languages, we would like to be of help for patients with foreign nationalities who speak English, Spanish, or French.

Internal Medicine/Surgery

We will primarily see what kind of symptoms, wounds, etc. You don’t have to bring your interpreter. After the medical interview and examination, if it is judged that we can follow you up at our clinic on outpatient basis, we will do so. If further examination and/or therapy are needed for you by specialists in other medical fields, we refer you to other clinic or hospital nearby with relevant medical specialty.

Medical Specialty (Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry)

Our medical specialties are Neurology, Nuerosurgery and Psychiatry. We perform necessary medical examinations and give you treatments for such symptoms as headache, numbness of hands, legs, or foots, dizziness, forgetfulness, or wounds of the head. Especially for headache, we will diagnose its type through detail medical interview and imaging examinations, then offer good control with adequate medication.
For patients with Parkinson’s disease, we will offer the most adequate treatment with appropriate medication. For the ones with deep brain stimulation treatment, we can adjust the stimulation parameters emitted from the implanted pulse generator.
Unconscious stress in daily or social life may be the cause of anxiety or depressed mood. If you have symptoms as the followings, please consult us:
  • Suddenly you feel anxious, have strong palpitations or breathing difficulty.
  • You always feel sad with no energy to do anything.
  • You feel too anxious to your health.
  • You can not sleep well.
  • Recently you feel forgetful too much.
We make accurate diagnosis by thorough interview, precise neurological examination, and modern imaging techniques. Then we offer the best control of the symptom to you by appropriate medication or other adequate treatment modality.

General Physical Check-up

For general physical check-up, we offer the followings:
Physical exam, Blood sample exam of any kinds, Electrocardiography,
Electroencephalography, X-ray exam, Computed Tomography

Hours of Consultation

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday Morning:9:00-12:00 Afternoon:14:00-18:00
Wednesday, Sunday, National Holidays:Closed

Payment & Insurance

We accept the medical insurance issued by an insurance company which has a branch in Japan, or Japanese medical insurances (Shakai Hoken y Kokumin Kenko Hoken). Please bring your insurance card. Without that, you need to pay the total cost of the exams or therapies you had.

Direction Map

Biography of Director

1989 Graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University
    of the Ryukus
    Intern, Kawakita General Hospital
1991 Department of Neurosurgery, Yokohama
    City University Hospital
1996 Department of Neurosurgery, Yokohama
    Minami-Kyosai Hospital
1998 Department of Neurosurgery, Odawara
    Municipal Hospital
2003 Department of Neurosurgery, Kaizuka Hospital
2009- Oasis Clinic